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Picking up an accent in anther country?

Hi, I'm just wondering if you were to,let's say, move to Spain, when you're like 15, and you already speak Spanish, would you,after a period of time start speaking Spanish like the locals? Like, in Spain, pronouncing the C like a th?? Also, the same for Argentina, like with the Sho sound that replaces the Y, and ll.

Picking up an accent in anther country?
Yes, and it doesn't take very long at all. I spent over 2yrs in Moscow, didn't even speak Russian when i went, and within a few months had the accent down. Only way most could tell i was American was when i started to speak English.
Reply:If you make a conscious effort, you can pick up the local accent at any age.
Reply:yes but you in order to do that you have to interact with people with that accent.

same in every country
Reply:Oh heck yes. I spent about a week in Spain and already I was starting to talk like the locals, where we were they spoke with a lisp. Depending on the person it doesn't take long.
Reply:Typically, yes, but that depends.

We use accents to identify ourselves as members of certain groups.

If you want to be identified with people from Spain, for example, you will probably start talking like them.

Most 15-year-olds want to fit in, so it stands to reason that this would probably happen.
Reply:Not long, especially if you already know the language.

How much can you feed a Venus Flytrap?

After one mouth has eatin one bug can you just put in anther bug or do you haft to whate. how maney bugs dos one mouth eat from the time it wakes up from dormincey to when it gos into dormincey

How much can you feed a Venus Flytrap?
I hear they like Big Mac's
Reply:i don't think you have to worry about an obesity problem here

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Is ther anther world?

do we gat anther planet that humans can live in???and were do aliens live mayby humans can live there??

Is ther anther world?
You can find it in your dreams if you look hard enough!
Reply:"Galaxy Gate," Colton and Murro,

"Above Black," Dan Sherman,
Reply:i would bet my life savings that there is another planet that we could live at. wether transportation be conventional, nuclear, or possibly worm hole, i believe that we could. i also would bet my life savings on the fact that aliens do exist. i believe it ignorant not to belive that. if you really think about it, space is so massive, and there are so many planets, it is almost impossible to believe that earth is the only planet that is inhabited.
Reply:do you really think someone "knows" the answer to this and it;'s a big secret?

Reply:There are many more habitable planets on the universe.

But more than that after this life what happens itself is another big question - another world/phase of life, etc.
Reply:for sure
Reply:Recent discoveries suggests that there's such thing as a " twin of the Earth", which is near to the Alpha Centauri and they have noticed a bluish matter and some observers notably said it was H2O (water) and It will took about 17 yrs. to reach that planet so stay tuned.
Reply:How could anyone know?
Reply:What's an "anther" planet? Humans live "on" the planet not "in" it.

and "were do" or where do aliens live? Mayby or maybe not?

Do you "gat" what I mean? Or do you get what I mean? "Ther"

may be an answer or there may not be an answer. Are you an alien speaking some ff'd up alien language or just a bad spellter?

How do I transfer my e-mail addresses from my yahoo account to anther?

I don't think you can. Maybe apply for the other email address with the other service.

How do I transfer my e-mail addresses from my yahoo account to anther?
Your other account should have an address importer that will allow you to tap into your yahoo! account. If not, send yourself an e-mail by cutting and pasting your addresses into the message body and transferring those addresses into your other account.

Could you send a bank draft to anther country?

Yes in principle. However it is difficult in practice because of the set up of the financial processes of different countries and the process of claiming the credit. Hence many organizations prefer the simpler demand draft or money order.

How to adjust mirrors inside and outside the car?

I just got a standard size car (smaller than van),could you please tell me what angle three mirrors should be adusted ,these three mirrors include mirror inside the car,left mirror, right mirror .I live in Ontario. BTW, if I drive at night, do I need to adjust mirrors to anther angles which are different from day time? Thanks.

How to adjust mirrors inside and outside the car?
Adjust the mirrors so you can see to each side of the vehicle. You may want to ride a bike.
Reply:Use door-bell
Reply:So that you can look into them and see what is behind you would be a good start, don't you think so?

I hate to ask, but did you win your license in the bingo?
Reply:Just so that you can see yourself all the time.
Reply:Your 2 outside mirrors should be adjusted for a maximum view of the road with just a little bit of view of the side of your vehicle, and more of the road than the sky.

Your inside mirror should be adjusted so you can see straight out the rear, and just a little bit to the right so you can see traffic off to your right rear.

Try to cover as much of your "blind spots" as possible with your mirrors.
Reply:Marriors should be agested as needed. The rule is that you can see the Car behind you out the back window and see the edge of the side of the car on the side marriors. Thats it.
Reply:i seriously dont think u should be driving either
Reply:you really shouldn't be driving...
Reply:do you even have a driver license?

if so how did you pass?
Reply:how would the day light or night time make any difference for how the mirrors need to be adjusted. Mine are always the same!!!
Reply:Hi. There is a terrific explanation on the Web of how to adjust your mirrors to avoid the "blind spot."

Go to the public radio show "Car Talk."

Do a search in the Search box for blind spot. You'll get lots of results, with a step by step instruction on making your mirrors a safe tool.

Good luck...and remember, no question is a dumb question if it will save lives.

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The company is contracted out to anther waht is the procdure they must go by in law.?

your rights in law

The company is contracted out to anther waht is the procdure they must go by in law.?
please give details, question doesn't make sense